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Thank you for visiting our website. This website was created to keep our customers up-to date and well informed about the changes with the Internal Revenue Service as well as what's new in the Business Sector as it relates to Real Estate Investing,  business credit loans and all types of available resources for the small and the home based business owner.

 On this website you will find tax tips, video footage as well as our blog featuring any new information as it is released.

Feel free to browse around and educate yourself on how building a business credit profile is more valuable for your business then you could ever imagine. Also discover how owning a home based business in STILL one of the BEST TAX STRATEGIES in our country.

 The topic is: Why is building business credit important for the small business owner?
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Get Financing for Your Business (Part 2 of 3) - Corporate Credit Results
Interview with Vernice Dauphins. Building Corporate Credit: The Truth About How to Get $250K+ in Cash And Credit Lines To Invest in Your Business... Without Risking Your Personal Credit History!Pa...
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